Episode 7

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10th Oct 2022

Faith & Blue Weekend Event


strategize ways to end recidivism (repeat offenses) and the fundamental thing

to do that is to work together with communities, local government and places of

faith. We’re doing something different today and that’s airing an event called

Faith & Blue.


Faith & Blue Weekend is sponsored by FirstNet Built with AT&T and the

Motorola Solutions Foundation. During this weekend Law Enforcement

Officers and local residents connect through faith-based organizations. It’s

the largest annual collaborative policing initiative in the country.


Faith & Blue Weekend is an extension of the One Congregation One Precinct

initiative (OneCOP), a program of MovementForward, Inc., which is a

bridge-building, solutions-focused human and civil rights organization based in

Atlanta, Georgia. The OneCOP initiative pairs together officers at the beat or

precinct level with local faith-based organizations.

Mission – National Faith & Blue Weekend

facilitates safer and stronger communities by engaging law enforcement officers

and local residents through the connections of faith-based organizations.

Faith & Blue – Milwaukee, Wisconsin Praise in the Park – Saturday, October 8, 2022


Organized by:

Dist. 4

(6969 W. Silver Spring Drive)

Community Liaison

Officer Tracey Geniesse;

Pastor Jay

Fischer Lead Pastor for Evangel Church located 9920 West Good Hope Road, Milwaukee

 Games, food,


Who was


Judy D (St.

Catherine’s) Pumpkin decorating, dominos


Dancers performed

DJ – Melvin


Army – hot dogs

Lamb of God)

– soda, chips and water

Safe &

Sound Organization


Fire Fighters


of Corrections

 This was a festival. But unlike most festivals, this was FREE

 If you missed this here in Milwaukee, there is another one being held on Monday,

October 10th.

2-3PM Faith and Blue: Conversation with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office

and Faith leaders. It is a roundtable discussion with community faith leaders

discussing the relationship between law enforcement and the clergy. Located in the

Safety Building 821 W. State Street, Suite 107, Milwaukee Wisconsin 53233

United States


Take Aways:   

  • Faith & Blue is a great event where the community can connect with local government, and faith organizations. Website https://faithandblue.org
  • Connect now and don’t wait until something happens. Get involved.
  • Make sure you dress for the occasion.


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